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The restaurant

We give high priority to organic products.
At Pharmakon Conference Centre, whenever possible, we priorities to use organic products. We constantly look for new organic products to use in the kitchen at Pharmakon Conference Centre.

When you dine here, you have your meal in one of two connecting restaurants.
We can accommodate up to 280 persons, and all main meals will be served there. As the rest of the house, the restaurants are non-smoking.


When you eat at Pharmakon Conference Centre, you will of course be served the vegetables of the season.

Food for Learning

Food for Learning is our concept which, through healthy and tasty snacks, tries to keep meeting and conference participants’ blood sugar on a constant and stable level throughout the day.

It will be served from 10.15 to 11.30 am - and again at the time of the afternoon cake.

Blood sugar manages our concentration and mood, numerous scientific researches show. We aim to secure that the participants get an optimal outcome of meetings, courses or conferences by keeping the blood sugar level stable – all day long.

The catering varies all year round and can consist of:

  • home-made yoghurt with toasted oatmeal, rye bread sprinkle or toasted coconut flakes
  • mini rye bread with fennel and redcurrant juice with ginger
  • whole-meal scones of whole-meal spelt flour and licorice syrup, carrot purée with tarragon and plum juice with vanilla
  • mini rye bread with dark chocolate and beetroot-blackcurrant juice with balsamic vinegar
  • whole-meal muesli buns and cream of sundried tomatoes, and apple juice with buckthorn and rosemary
Our confectioners make all the cakes and bread for the guests.

Breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet will be served daily from 7 am to 9 am.

You will get different kinds of home-made bread, a selection of deli meats, cheeses, jams, honey, several types of curdled milk products and cereals, soft-boiled eggs and eggs, bacon and sausages.

You can choose between coffee, tea, milk and juice, and various fruits.

Try the slow-juicer, and mix your own vegetable or fruit juice from the fresh raw products.

The lunch buffet

When you come for lunch in the restaurant, you will be offered a delicious 2 course lunch. Our kitchen prepares a vast selection of tasty cold and warm dishes. Colourful salads and an exquisite selection of cheeses with crackers and fruit together with a nice dessert.

"Our dishes are inspired from our many travels abroad." The chefs at Pharmakon Conference Centre.

Conference meals

The conference meals typically consist of 2 or 3 courses. One of our excellent chefs creates a tasty menu together with one of our confectioners. The menu varies on a daily basis.

If a guests has a food allergy or is a vegetarian, please advise the reception as soon as possible, so we can take it into consideration and find a good solution for the guest.

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